First meeting with new doctor at JGH in montreal

This appointment to meet my new doctor at my new hospital did not go as I had hoped. I was actually transferred to another doctor by the Ottawa General and then I ended up with Dr. kaedbey instead without any warning. Dr. Kaedbey is very nice and he is new to the JGH. But from my first meeting with him I could tell he was not yet well versed in the way JGH runs things. He talked alot about a port I would be getting for my intervenes chemo and yet nothing was booked for this surgery for me leading up to my first chemo appointment. He also mentioned my chemo drugs which are ABVD and my chemo schedule which is every 2 weeks for 12 treatments. While listening to all of this I’m still sort of in shock and don’t have many questions. I did however ask him about the results from the CAT and PET scans taken back in Ottawa and if there were any further infected lymph nodes. His answer did not sit well with me as he said it “looks like” their “might be” another infected lymph node near your trachea. I’m sorry… It looks like or might be? That is not the answer i am looking for. I want to know if I am dealing with a partial infected node the one that had the biopsy or if I need to be concerned about a potential 2nd infected node. He could not give me a definite answer but claims the chemo treatment would be the same regardless if it was one or two. After leaving this appointment I did not feel confident that I asked enough questions and so I went home and started doing some research. I know he is the specialist but I have to be my own advocate and my social worker at the hospital agreed with me.
If this is just a stage one Hodgkins lymphoma case in a young healthy woman why would the chemo treatment schedule need to be so close together and aggressive?

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