Port meltdown

This is probably one of the harder videos to post only because it was my first real melt down since finding out my diagnosis. My doctor at JGH was just transferred from a hospital in Toronto where no matter what you would get a permanent “port” for your chemo if getting treated for Hodgkins lymphoma. This is the site where they hook up the intervenes each time I come in for treatment.
He didn’t go into much detail about it as I was supposed to be contacted by a nurse to go over the details, surgery to put it in etc. Unfortunately I was never contacted by a nurse and so when I saw Yolanda in The Housewives of Beverly Hills get a “port” removed in one of the episodes I stupidly decided to Google it!
Well having had some ? and then seeing the images online of this “port” I totally lost it. Lol. Thankfully I have Chris to calm me down in times like this. ?
Wine seems to be a commonality in these posts lmao

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