Every little girl needs her mom ?

I was lucky enough to have my mom come visit me the week I was doing my first chemo treatment. With Chris working she was able to drive me to a few appointments the day before and help me with an amazing DIY project to keep my mind occupied. We turned a wooden chest into a kitty litter house for the dirty kitty litter and of course all the litter supplies. The boys love it! We installed a kitty door on the outside to allow them to go in and out and it also helps keep in the smell. This was ideal for our new Montreal apartment. See below for some before and after pictures and how easy it is to use by just opening up the top!?

I could not have made it through my first week without my mom by my side. She held my hand as they hooked me up to the intervenes and we both cried. The nurse slowly shut the curtain around us for some privacy and everyone there was very sympathetic. Honestly everyone working on that floor was an absolute gem! Even the lunch ladies! Free lunch if you get your chemo over the lunch hour! Woot woot!

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