Last hair wash pre chemo


This was HUGE for me. I had already been taking great care of my hair since my diagnosis but the last wash where I could scrub my scalp as much as I wanted, could use a heavy hair mask, brush my hair as needed, etc was a BIG deal to me. I literally read up on absolutely everything to do and not do when caring for your hair before, during and after chemo so I think I will make another blog in the future just on that. Just know, it’s a lot!

Since being platinum blonde about 8 years ago I changed over to the dark side and started colouring my hair dark brown and then eventually jet black. This helped my hair grow healthy long and strong over the last 7 years. Yes it has been my goal all these years to have the longest and healthiest hair possible after all those years of bleach. But then to be told I could lose it all in a matter of months or even weeks!? Absolutely devastating. I will keep you all posted on any hair loss as I go and how I am handling it, but just know now it probably won’t be well lol. This may sound silly to some, but as a woman I feel my hair is one of the things I love most about looking and feeling sexy. I can gain weight, lose weight, make up or no make up but my hair I have worked so hard on maintaining over these years is my baby!! Lol

See below for just how short, blonde and damaged my hair used to be!

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