More tests!

Before I start my chemo treatment the hospital needs to run two more tests as the specific chemo I will be getting can affect my lungs and my heart down the road. You can tell from my picture how excited I am to be back at the hospital once again for more tests.

And for those of you who are wondering yes the drugs I will be getting will affect my reproductive organs as well. I actually had to sign some paperwork about this one as it’s not so much a “might” affect my reproductive organs, its that it will. For Chris and I this was not an issue as we have not ever wanted children. Please don’t judge or make comments about “you may change your mind” or “you’re still so young”. Chris is 41 and I am 32. Neither of us want children and we are totally ok with that. We have our fur babies and of course all the wonderful babies our family has to cuddle and spoil and then go home. Haha.

Back to the tests. The respiratory test was first. I had to breath in and out into a machine for several different sequences. I do have a bit of asthma so this was actually pretty difficult for me. I had to redo the test a few times. Next was the heart scan, which is called a Muga scan. This was much easier as I just had to lay on a bed while the machine moved all around me and did the work. The machine itself was super impressive. It was the size of the entire room I was in.

These two tests will be redone every 2 months to monitor my lungs and heart for any changes.

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