head shave day

FULL DISCLOSURE: I had to drink quite a bit of wine to do this. You can literally see it hitting me more and more as the video goes on. You can tell by how demanding and sassy I get and how many F bombs I drop! lol. #sorrynotsorry #dontjudgeme

Out of everything I have posted so far this is by far the scariest one to post. I watched it for the first time last night and as happy as I am that I shaved it, this video made tear up. I felt so vulnerable with my balding hair exposed just to Ross, so you can imagine how it feels now sharing this with the world.

4 thoughts on “head shave day

  1. You got this girl 💕. Hope your stomach pain is doing better! If ever you have questions just remember that I work in the oncology symptom management team and have access to expert physicians and oncologists for advice. Xoxo

    1. Hey!! Yes finally figured out my stomach pains.. embarrassing to admit it was not an ulcer but an extreme back up of bile. My doctor prescribed a few laxative and stool softeners and now I am good to go! Yay! And thank I saw that! Congrats!!! I will absolutely reach out if I need to. That is very much appreciated 💓

  2. Angela, I have been following yout story from your first post. I just want to say that I truly admire you for everything that you are and the courage you have in regards to your cancer. Don’t let this run you, the best medication for cancer is being positive but I’m sure millions have told you this already. You have always been besutiful and still are, hair doesn’t define our beauty, our heart and soul does. Stay strong. ♥️

    1. Thank you so much for following an thank you so much for the kind words. It has actually been super relieving and freeing to have shaved my head. I actually don’t mind it at all and Chris actually loves it so win win! 💪
      It’s been fun playing around with new wigs and hats so I’m absolutely making the most of it! 💓 I’ve got this! Good news coming in upcoming blogs!!!! 💪

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