Chemo Round Seven

This post is almost TWO WEEKS LATE! I have chemo number 8 in just a few days! So sorry, when I was diagnosed with bleomicin lung toxicity it really threw me for a loop. I was beyond devastated thinking this was something that would affect me long term. Thankfully my case was very mild and is completely reversing all on its own. No steroid treatment necessary! 😎 I have one more breathing test to do to completely clear me but I honestly feel 100% back to normal breathing wise anyway.

For my 7th chemo treatment Chris was able to join me which is good and bad. Good that he could be there for me to keep me company as I seem to be dreading each treatment more and more than the last. And bad because it means he still hasn’t found a new temporary full time day job to help support me while I can’t work. He did find an awesome part time position for the time being working for a local photographer Darryl. Small world as Chris applied for the position without knowing I have been Facebook friends with Darryl for years! I have never personally worked with Darryl as a model but sure do hope to once I am back to shooting shape and feeling healthy. I am so lucky to have the connections that I do in the local modeling industry. SO many shoots to look forward to and keep me motivated during this down time.

Another bonus of Chris being there when I get my chemo is I feel safe enough to nap. (as you can see in the pic, lol) I have anxiety so sleeping in an area where there are people everywhere could never happen when I am alone. But with Chris being my safety net for all and any situation, I could rest easily. Slept through my chemo machine beeping and going off and nurses coming and going. So thankful for him.

It is honestly very strange as I am writing this thinking about my last chemo treatment and dreading my next chemo treatment I actually physically start to feel ill. There is a slight nausea that I get from the drugs being pumped through my veins that I can legit feel just thinking about it. Ugh! Creepy! Enough of this chemo talk for now! lol

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