Goals for summer

Now that I am nearing the end of my chemo I am starting to realize I may need to come out of hiding. Unless, of course Montreal goes on lock down due to this crazy COVID-19 virus going around. But coming out of hiding when I do because it is a WHEN and not an IF, I want to be more confident in how I am looking and feeling. As I mentioned in one of my last blogs I have gained about 30 lbs since my diagnosis and not being able to workout turns my mindset to FUCK IT. lol. But with summer coming I really need to smarten up. I have indulged enough. I have played the “whoa is me card” for too long. I need to at least start eating better until I am healthy enough to workout again. So to be accountable, I am writing it here! 😉 I mean I am already going to have an awkward hair cut this summer, I do not want to be fat AND have an awkward hair cut! lol. Who knows, maybe I will even do some before and after pics to share with you all down the road!

I also have some motivation to go along with my new goals as I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Antony Proteau Fund Gala to help raise money for Cancer Fight Club -Hope and Cope. This gala usually has over 300 attendees! Eeeeeek! It was originally scheduled for next weekend, Saturday March 21st but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus Montreal has put a ban on any social gatherings over 250 people. Tickets have already been sold so they will be rescheduling it for another date to be determined once this all blows over. When it does get rescheduled I will be looking and feeling much better about speaking in front of so many people. The board members of the ap12fund are also making the most out of this day for me by getting me dressed by a local fashion rental store called ocurent and having a local make up artist come to my house and do my make up for the big day. I am beyond grateful they thought of me to speak at this event and am looking forward to partying the night away after I hit the stage. The gala will be full of fun games, prizes, live music, and an OPEN BAR! 😉 If any of you want to attend the gala with us, or if you just want to make a donation here is the link:


And if anyone is wondering what local rental designer they are working with, here is her link: https://ocurent.com/

To help me with my new goals of looking and feeling better about my weight I have recently picked up a super gimmicky slimming “chin strap: lol. And just for your entertainment I have also included a picture of me wearing this chin strap. Enjoy!

Just when I thought I couldn't look any worse! hahaha 🤣

Seeing as I am stuck at home every day and have been for months I can’t help but online window shop. This is not the only gimmicky item I have purchased since starting chemo. I also bought one of those glute muscle stimulator machines back in December but it turns out it is made in WUHAN China and so, has been “in process” since the first week of January. I am going to assume I will never be getting my glute stimulator lol.

And before I go I also have some great news to share!!! My hair has started to grow back in! Very slowly and not even close to the point I will start to grow it out yet, but it IS coming back and a few of my eyebrow hairs have also started to poke through as well. Eyelashes are still goners, but I’m sure they will come back soon. I spoke to my nurse about how this is possible as I am still on chemo and still have several treatments still to go and she told me Bleomycin (the big bad drug that gave me lung toxicity) is also the drug that causes the most hair loss. The chemo drugs I am still on also have a small chance of hair loss, but nothing compared to the Bleomycin that I have already been taken off of. I am still not sure if I will keep shaving my head for the summer and wait for the awkward grow out stage until the winter time, or just get on with it right away as soon as my hair comes back. I will keep you posted!

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