Chemo Round Eight & Nine

I didn’t write up anything for chemo round eight sorry! It was pretty uneventful. Chris was able to come with me so I slept pretty much the whole time. However I did have to get the nurse to stop my treatment at one point as my arm with the intravenous was throbbing. It had actually been throbbing on and off for days before treatment. I was told when I first started chemo that it does damage the veins and if possible to do all treatment in the same arm each time so the damage is all done on only one side.

For chemo round 9 I just had recently I decided to switch it up! Live on the edge! lol. So when I went in on Monday for blood work I got them to attempt blood from what I call my “chemo arm” and then I would use my “blood work arm” for chemo the following day. But when the nurse attempted to get blood from my “chemo arm” she could not get any blood! It was like the arm was dead and my veins were dried up! I rolled up my other sleeve and told her she could try my other arm, but that I was trying to save it for chemo the next day. She laughed and said that’s not the first time she has heard that.

Due to all of this Corona virus, social distancing, quarantine, isolation stuff going on I actually had a hard time getting in to the hospital for my blood work that day too. I had lost my hospital card which made things even worse. They had security at every door and the security guard at the door of the cancer center did not speak English. I tried to tell him I was there for blood work for my chemo and showed him my health card but he still did not understand. I was wearing a wig that day which I normally don’t do to go to the hospital but after my blood work my mom, Chris and I were planning a nice walk at the Old Port, so I pulled my wig up pointed at my bald head, told him I had cancer and had appointments upstairs for chemo. I still don’t think he understood but he then pointed to the hand sanitize station and let me in.

The hospital was a ghost town and being there knowing there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the ICU was terrifying. I was wearing a mask and gloves of course, using elbows to press the elevator, and sanitizer packed in my pocket. I was in and out that day as quickly as possible but had to go back the very next day for chemo which is a 5 hour long treatment.

When I went back in the next day we were told no visitors allowed and so I was in for my chemo alone, but the nurses there are all amazing so it’s not like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. When I was getting hooked up there was a man across from me who was also getting hooked up and coughed without covering his mouth. His nurse gave him so much shit lol. He started to complain about the lack of masks but the nurse was not having it, as that is no reason to not cover your mouth when you cough especially now with this virus going around!

I asked the nurses if it was necessary for me to wear my mask for the duration of my 5 hour treatment and they said that my white blood cells were very low from my blood work the day before so yes it was in my best interest to keep a mask on the whole time. I knew they were having issues with people stealing masks and that they were on short supply but seeing as I only had two masks with me and they only really last for about 30 minutes each until they are wet and useless I asked if they could spare a few for me. No joke the nurse brought me a small stack of masks secretly like it was a drug deal or something lol.

Since my treatment this week I have been forced to self isolate even more than usual due to the Corona virus. I was only really leaving the house to walk to the dog this week anyways, but this past Friday we woke up to news crews outside our building and they were camped out there most of the day as there is now a confirmed COVID-19 case at the retirement home right across the street from us. Since we are still learning about this virus and how it can actually survive in the air and on surfaces for long periods of time and because I am considered “high risk” due to being in chemotherapy, having asthma and just getting over lung toxicity I have decided it is now in my best interest to stay inside completely until this is all over. I will only be leaving the house for hospital necessary appointments like blood work and chemo.

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