Every Little Girl Needs Her mom, no matter what age💕

This blog is for my Mom. My mom has always been my biggest fan, but what I am going through now has brought us closer than ever. I have watched friends come and go through this process and even some family members who haven’t been there for me but my mom has not skipped a beat. 😍

My mom made sure she was here for me when I first started my chemotherapy back in November. Chris was working and I did not want to have to go alone. She came up for a visit, spoiled me rotten, took me to my pre chemo appointments and stayed with me for my very first chemo treatment. She held my hand and we both cried together. I will never forget that day.

Before my diagnosis, she had an RV trip planned to Nanaimo, BC with my Dad leaving shortly after I started chemo treatments. My parents were supposed to leave right after Christmas and were due to come back in March sometime. She did not know what to expect with what I may go through when in chemo and was so concerned she was even thinking of cancelling her trip. After talking to the doctors about my diagnosis some more I was told my diagnosis was not life threatening as long as I went along with treatment and so, I told my mom to go on her trip and enjoy herself.

She went and she had a great time! And even during her drive up, her daily adventures while away and her drive back she always found the time to either message me or call me almost daily. She did feel bad that she was away during such a difficult time in my life but she more than made up for not being here in person by her constant communication. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for me.

After her drive back from Nanaimo she wasn’t even back home for a week and was back on the road to drive out to see my brother and his family and of course Chris and I here in Montreal. As some of you saw on my social media we went for a few great outdoor walks to Mont Royal Park and to the Old Port. Not much else to do considering the COVID-19 virus going around but we made the most out her time here. Chris as always cooked up some amazing meals, we watched movies, we played cards and my mom brought me my favorite treats!

As some of my blog posts have explained, this journey has been tough on me at times. I have struggled with my mental health more in these last few months than I ever have before. Having constant support from loved ones is what has kept me going.

If you know someone who struggles with their mental health, check up on them. And check up on them often. Trust me, even if you are not with them in person due to social distancing or maybe even after this is lifted and you just live too far, pick the phone, write an email, send a text. It takes 2 minutes of your time. You CAN make a difference in someones day.

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