Feeling Blessed 💕

I have some great positives to share with you for once!

  1. My hair has started to grow back slowly
  2. My eyebrows are starting to sprout some more
  3. My eyelashes seem to be growing slightly
  4. I am hearing from my family more and more 💕
  5. With the new Canada Health Benefit coming out April 6th I will finally be able to qualify for financial support. There was absolutely NO help for me during this entire time I have been going through chemo. NO help for the middle class when we get sick and if my partner is making over a certain amount a month, I don’t qualify for anything! 😒
  6. I was blessed once again by the Hope and Cope Foundation knowing that I am not working and Chris was temporary laid off of his new contract job for the Universities due to the Covid-19 virus closing schools. Hope and Cope donated some IGA grocery gift cards and a cheque being sent to help go towards our rent this month. I cannot express enough how much this foundation has been there for me throughout this entire ordeal.
  7. After my chemo I had this past Tuesday I only have 2 more treatments to go!
  8. I was physically able to get in 3 at home strength workouts last week, mostly body weight and light bands but it was something! 💪
  9. My sessions with my psychologist are going well. We are continuing them via video hangouts during this isolation which is great!
  10. I am still not taking any chances with leaving the house but I am beyond lucky to have a partner in all of this mess that will literally do whatever it takes to keep me safe, healthy and happy. Chris is definitely one of the main reasons I stay strong and stay motivated in life these days. Could not do this without you baby! 😍💋