Chemo Round TEN

Getting in to the hospital this time around was a bit more organized as they had the cancer center building doors available for oncology patients. That way I did not have to go through the same general entrance as everyone else. They still had to unlock the door for me and asked several questions upon entrance followed by me having to sanitize my hands after entering. Then once I got up to the floor I get my chemo I was asked all the same questions, had my temperature taken and then of course asked to sanitize my hands once again. The staff no longer ask to see my hospital card, I was just asked to have it out and read it to them so less germs back and fourth on the cards which is great. Still of course I am not allowed anyone to accompany me so the 5 or so hours I am stuck hooked up to the intravenous is tough but the floor is so quiet without any visitors I was able to sleep for most of my time there.

Unfortunately this round of chemo was not so kind to me at all. From the time I was in the chair on Tuesday up until today I have been almost bed ridden with nausea daily, taking my mandatory post chemo nausea meds AND the take as needed nausea meds. Not a fun week for me physically or mentally. Especially after the accomplishments of last week getting in some workouts. But who knows, maybe that is why I was so wrecked this week. I thought I had learned to slow myself down during my chemo but being so close to the end of my treatments with only 2 more to go I guess I got myself excited. I need to remind myself that even though I am almost done my treatments my body still has a long way to go before it fully recovers and I will be as strong and healthy as I was before.

I know I have mentioned this before but it seems to be getting worse and worse the closer I get to being done my chemo and that is the anxiety of my treatments. It is so bad I physically feel ill writing about chemo, talking about chemo, thinking about chemo, etc. It keeps me up at night at times. It makes me avoid blogging lately because I don’t like to make myself feel sick when I already deal with nausea so often. I am sure some of it is mental, but sometimes I swear I can taste the chemo and feel it in my veins and it is the creepiest feeling I have ever felt. You know when you think about a time you got violently sick off a certain type of alcohol and now get puke shivers when you think about it? Well times that feeling by 1000 lol. Time to stop writing about this now before I make myself sick thinking about it all too much! 🤮

On a lighter note I wanted to brag a bit more about my loving hubby. He is already doing all our errands, groceries, dog walks etc to keep me safe and sound inside. I can’t thank him enough. But we both usually split up the apartment cleaning on the weekend before my chemo so the house is in tip top shape for when I am most immune compromised after getting home from chemo. Last weekend before my chemo we did not get around to it, so not only did Chris drop me off to chemo, go do all the groceries and errands while I was there, but he also cleaned the whole apartment for me before coming to pick me back up. I came home to a sparkling clean fresh smelling home after a long nauseating day in chemo. Could not ask for a better man in a time like this. 😘

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